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What sets us apart.
Within a very short time our company has established itself as a guarantor for good certification and supplier audits as well as for training courses - the large number of satisfied customers speaks for us as a reference. Our activities are mainly located in Germany and Central Europe. In recent years, however, we have also gained a great deal of experience and convincing feedback worldwide. This is why we are also familiar with operations "around the globe".

What we offer.
Are you looking for a reliable, independent and accredited certification body for your company in the food or non-food sector that specialises in areas where hygiene is essential? Then 1st Solution CTC GmbH is the right address for you. We offer you a wide range of services - fast, flexible and, thanks to our extensive experience with well-known customers from trade and industry, tailored to your requirements:

Supplier audits

We take over your supplier monitoring - in Germany and, if required, worldwide.


We are your partner for internal and external trainings on various topics.

What we measure ourselves by.
We are convinced that with our company we can do many things differently and design them better. We know that quality, reliability and integrity will prevail in the long run. This is part of our corporate philosophy and is just as noticeable in our dealings with our customers as it is in our business decisions. Take our word for it.

Our positioning in the market is your advantage.
As a medium-sized company, we stand for maximum flexibility, practical relevance and professionalism. You can count on us for larger projects as well as for challenges and tasks that require a dynamic and flexible solution.


Our competence ensures your success.
Our core competence lies in the control of hygiene-sensitive productions, especially in the food industry and in logistics as well as in the area of brokers and PACsecure. We are also familiar with other hygiene-sensitive production processes - such as household and personal care (HPC) or the production of packaging materials.


Our management team for your safety.
Our company is managed by an experienced team. Dr. Andrea Niemann-Haberhausen holds a doctorate in chemistry and has been working as a technical expert in food safety and quality for over 30 years. She works as a trainer and auditor. Ralph Geyer is a food chemist and has been working as a trainer and auditor in the food safety and quality sector for 20 years.


Our well-rehearsed team will help you competently and quickly.
Behind 1st Solution CTC GmbH are employees with many years of experience in the certification and audit field. This enables us to support our customers in the best possible way.


Our independence is your strength.
The certification body 1st Solution CTC GmbH is independent. To ensure independence, accreditation as a certification body for products (ISO 17065) has been implemented. For this 1st Solution CTC GmbH falls back on the long-standing expertise of the participants. 1st Solution CTC GmbH acts independently, impartially and without discrimination. Our services are available to all interested clients. The independent company is free in its decision-making from instructions from third parties. Information provided to us will of course be treated confidentially.

Suitable measures are taken to ensure that neither commercial, financial nor other pressure endangers the impartiality of 1st Solution CTC GmbH. To this end, we have established a suitable system in which we continuously analyze and evaluate risks and opportunities and effectively implement the necessary measures. In addition to certification activities, we also offer other services for our clients. This includes, among other things, training measures and process support. It is ensured that companies that are certified by us do not receive advice from persons involved in the certification process. Furthermore, we undertake to comply with the applicable statutory and other regulations.

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