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Of course, we hope to deliver our customers always the service they need with the expected level of service and appropriate conclusions in the audits. However, as any other accredited Certification Body, 1st Solution CTC GmbH has a complaint procedure in place in case of problems. Any customer of our certification services can use the process described below.

Complaints / Appeals:

The customer/holder of certificate and other interested parties (complaint raiser) have the right to raise complaints or appeal against the services of 1st Solution CTC GmbH. These will be anaylzed and assessed by the certification body. Depending on the result, if necessary additional audits have to be performed ("audits for special reasons" see below). The raiser of complaint/appeal and if necessary the certified organization will be informed about the decision. If the complaint raiser does not agree with the decision of 1st Solution CTC GmbH, he can contact the Accreditation Body or Standard Owner. If a Third Party complains about the application of the Management System or provided services directly at the customer / certificate holder, the certificate holder has to document this appropriately and take appropriate actions. The customer / certificate holder is obliged to inform 1st Solution CTC GmbH in a timely manor (according to Standard owner or Standard rules, or otherwise latest at the next audit) about such incidents and provide the documents on request.

In case of serious complaints, product liability claims, recalls or other serious issues, 1st Solution CTC GmbH has to be informed immediately in writing and according to the rules of the Standard owner. 1st Solution CTC GmbH has the right in this case to perform additional unscheduled audits. Objective is to investigate if the from the certified company implemented corrective actions are effective and the certification still can be kept up.

Complaints and appeals can be send by letter, email of fax. Contact information can be found on imprint page.

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